Health Plans & ACOs
Improve Medicare
Star Ratings
Structured and Unstructured EHR Data

Bi-Directional Exchange of EHR Data including CCD

Maximize RAF

Improve HEDIS Scores
Reduce required Hospital/Physician
chart pulls
Halfpenny ITF Hub Health Plans
Our clinical integration solution helps Health Plans and ACOs to improve care coordination with access to complete lab and clinical data to help maximize care management strategies.
Our solution enables...
  • Powerful analysis & clinical decision support tools
  • Transmission of alerts & reminders with interventions for patients & providers
  • Better sharing between the care community
  • The measuring, reporting, and improvment of clinical & financial outcomes
  • Integrations of disparate data sources for Population Health Initiatives
  • Early identification of new diagnoses & exacerbation of existing conditions
  • Big data initiatives
  • Patient trending & utilization in predictive modeling
With real time access to lab, radiology, and essential patient chart data, we help health plans model individuals who have high risk of complications to have the greatest potential to impact outcomes, lower healthcare cost and improve patient quality of life
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