• Solutions

    Halfpenny provides truly interoperable solutions for your clinical and business challenges. All of our solutions are built on a secure, web-based, scalable, vendor neutral clinical data exchange platform.
  • Clinical Data Exchange

    Our platform is a secure and scalable rules-based engine that helps our clients and partners exchange clinical data with a variety of sources accurately, effectively, and consistently.
  • Orders Management

    Halfpenny’s Orders Management Portal (OM-Portal) is a secure, cloud-based system that combines complex workflow management rules for hospitals and laboratories with easy to navigate provider order entry and results viewing.
  • Business Intelligence & Notification

    Halfpenny Technologies’ web-based business intelligence (BI) engine and Alert Notification help hospitals and health plans manage patient care through advanced analysis of patient clinical data and configurable real-time alerting based on changes within that data.
  • Clinical Data Services

    Our offerings include test dictionary hosting for lab and radiology (Online Directory of Services), mapping expertise (LOINC® and SNOMED CT®), and test dictionary builds as well as maintenance directly into your laboratory information system.
  • Who We Serve

    Halfpenny Technologies is a leading digital health provider of clinical data and business intelligence solutions that enable improved care coordination. We provide cloud-based, fully managed solutions to Hospitals & Labs, Health Plans, Pharmacies, Telehealth, Analytics, Care Coordination & Quality Reporting solution providers.
  • Health Plans & ACOs

    With real-time exchange of lab, radiology, and complete medical record data, Halfpenny provides health plans, ACOs & CINs the critical data necessary for their quality, risk, and care coordination programs. Our bidirectional capabilities allow for pushing data back to the provider, enabling true collaboration between the health plan and the provider for the best possible patient outcomes.
  • Hospitals & Commercial Labs

    Adopting our scalable, vendor-neutral hub platform for your EHR integration needs empowers your clinical outreach program to exchange data with a variety of sources accurately, effectively, and consistently.
  • Pharmacies & Pharmaceuticals

    Halfpenny solutions enable medical record extraction for closed networks providing seamless clinical data exchange for co-care coordination between physicians and pharmacies.
  • Population Health & Care Coordination

    Offering a cost-effective, automated methodology for medical record acquisition eliminates our partners’ need to spend resources gathering data, allowing them to focus on the expertise they bring to their market.
  • Accumen

    At Accumen, we provide strategic solutions, services and technology that deliver sustainable performance improvements in operations, clinical services, and data management. These offerings include lab and imaging transformation, consulting, supply chain optimization, lab outreach, patient blood utilization, test utilization, anemia management and clinical data exchange. Accumen’s offerings enable its clients to achieve and exceed their cost, quality, and service targets, as well as deliver excellent patient care through evidence-based data and clinical decision support capabilities. We share the belief that performance matters. We are inspired to improve operational, clinical, and data performance across the healthcare industry because transformational change will make healthcare better for our clients, our communities and our families.
  • Anemia Management

    Anemia Management is a completely outsourced service designed to help hospitals and health systems manage anemia in a simple, efficient, cost-effective new way. It identifies anemic patients in nonemergent, high-blood-loss, elective surgery patients – and treats these patients before surgery if appropriate. As a virtual platform, Anemia Management can be used systemwide, creating a uniform approach to managing anemic patients. Anemia Management offers the only virtual perioperative surgical home (VPOSH®) — a software-driven solution that is scalable across hospital systems of all sizes. Our personalized approach harnesses the power of a patented technology that analyzes labs, medical history and other critical data. Your patients receive an individualized plan based on their specific needs – with a thorough follow-up regimen. By partnering with hospitals and health systems, Anemia Management can result in fewer complications, lower transfusion costs, and less risk in a bundled-payment environment. MyBloodHealth® was developed by the Patient Readiness Institute (PRI) and its founder, Dr. Kathrine Frey, an industry-recognized patient safety and blood management expert. In August 2019, Accumen Inc. purchased MyBloodHealth® from PRI and welcomed PRI’s COO, Jason Carney, to the Accumen team to lead the Accumen Anemia Management service offering. Dr. Frey has also joined Accumen’s team as a clinical advisor, collaborating to evolve and support Accumen’s comprehensive Anemia Management service offering.
  • 3DR Laboratories

    3DR Laboratories is the largest, most respected 3D medical post-processing laboratory in the nation. Since its founding in 2005, 3DR has provided post processing services to hundreds of hospital radiology departments, stand-alone imaging centers, and radiology practices, enabling them to obtain expert processing of their medical imaging cases within hours or even minutes for emergencies. Unrivaled industry expertise enables 3DR to form a truly collaborative relationship with hospitals and imaging centers that need solutions beyond just scanning.
  • CHI

    Chi focuses on delivering revenue growth, cost savings, and optimized operations for hospitals, health systems, and hospital-owned independent laboratories. Accumen and Chi have formed a powerful team that is focused on improving the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of laboratories challenged by the new healthcare climate. Chi develops trusted relationships and strategic laboratory partnerships with our clients.

Our Results



More than 600 Million clinical data transactions processed since 2016


Improved Value

Over 2,100 healthcare organizations realizing value from improved data performance.


Quality Measures

Electronic medical record exchange increased provider quality measures for vitals from 21%-92% in first 12 months of exchange


Increased Results

Lab data increased results on Annual Monitoring for patients with persistent meds from 25th to almost 90th percentile of performance in year one.


Return on Investment

Up to 10x ROI when using electronic clinical data exchange to expedite Risk Adjustment Factor revisions.


EHR-EMR Vendors

Pre-built adapters with 95%+ of EHR & EMR vendors allow for rapid deployment and scalability of our fully managed service.