Key Differentiators


Quality Measures

Providing snapshot views of industry standard quality measures such as HEDIS reporting and STAR ratings, Halfpenny Technologies’ clinical data exchange platform meets the healthcare industry’s stringent security standards while delivering the most comprehensive dataset available.

Real-Time Tracking

Notifications deliver real-time tracking of patient population clinical data as well as text or email alerts when members are in the hospital, which enables improved management of frequent utilizers and at-risk populations.

Notification Schedule

Systemize your notifications to be configured for holding or exclusions, or even black-out times during evening or weekend hours. Organize the alert notification schedule for your health plan’s specific needs with each location.

Mobile Messaging

Establish notification messaging for each location depending on the availability of connectivity. This involves non-PHI messaging and can include instruction to log in to an existing health plan or hospital portal to secure member-specific details.

Trigger Event Identification

Configure appropriate ADT messages that will trigger mobile alerts to the hospital nurse or designated personnel. This can range from a single alert for each member every time there is a change in status, to alerts for specific trigger events, such as inpatient admission or discharge.
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