Key Differentiators


Cost Reduction

By eliminating inefficient and costly point-to-point connections, the benefits of our solution lowers implementation and ongoing support costs.


Our rules-based engine allows for the acquisition, filtering, standardization, normalization, and delivery in the receiving systems’ preferred format.

Fully Managed Service

Our responsibilities go beyond integration and include 7/24/365 support, proactive monitoring and alerting on data changes or service interruptions.

Pre-Built Adapters

Our pre-built adaptors allow us to integrate efficiently with over 95% of the market share of EMR, LIS, RIS, and other clinical systems to exchange medical record, laboratory, radiology, cardiology, pharmacy & ADT transactions.

Value of Interoperability

Whether your needs include CPOE and Results Exchange, EHR integration, LOINC mapping, test dictionary builds, or other interoperability solutions, Halfpenny has the innovative technology to help you add value and achieve your goals.
"We performed an extensive national search through our partner IMPAQ Strategy to find the very best clinical data integration and registry analytics vendors. We chose Halfpenny Technologies for clinical data exchange. We believe the registry will have long lasting positive impact to our clients and their patients." - Jeff Jacobs, Chief Officer of Science, Technology, and Policy