Computerized Provider Order Entry Interface

Key Differentiator


CPOE Solutions Across Ancillary Services

Our solutions for Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) and clinical results exchange give the entire care community access to streamlined order entry and result review.

Single-page Order Entry

Our user friendly and mobile aware order entry screen streamlines the order entry process, removing unnecessary clicking and navigating.

Split Requisitions

Rules-based test routing is a key feature allowing for advanced order routing to different departments, or even different laboratories, from a single order placed by the provider.

Standing & Scheduled Orders

Setup and management of scheduled orders allows for a single future order and repeat standing order requests. Our collection list feature helps manage specimen collection in LTAC and SNF, allowing for easier release of collected orders and rescheduling of uncollected orders.

Simplify & Reduce

Orders are electronically sent to laboratories, eliminating delivery and data-entry errors. Likewise, test results are returned electronically and are ready for review within moments of their release from the laboratories.
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