Key Differentiators


Quality Dataset

Halfpenny Technologies delivers the most comprehensive dataset available for improved HEDIS scores and STAR ratings, reduction in manual chart reviews, and reconciliation of discharge instructions.

Risk Adjustments

Consistently identify and manage high-risk members as early as possible to ensure minimal impact and proper mitigation and maximize the RAF.

Network & Payment

Real-time clinical data supports development of value-based contracting, enables defensible reconciliation of value-based contracts while improving clinical coordination with providers.

Analytics Performance

The ability to access and query clinical data in real-time provides visibility into quality metrics, risk measures, and population health.

Care Management

Real-time identification of new diagnoses and exacerbation of existing conditions or high-risk patients, improves care coordination and reduces avoidable utilizations.
"We performed an extensive national search through our partner IMPAQ Strategy to find the very best clinical data integration and registry analytics vendors. We chose Halfpenny Technologies for clinical data exchange. We believe the registry will have long lasting positive impact to our clients and their patients." - Jeff Jacobs, Chief Officer of Science, Technology, and Policy, ASCP NPQR